Santa Sofia

The construction of the Santa Sofia Villa began in 1560, the project was impressive, but only one-third of the original assumptions were implemented. The different spaces that make up the cellars come from three different historical periods. The oldest part was built in 1300 by the monks of San Bernardino who lived in the church of St. Sophia, located next to the walls around the basement. The church was built in the period preceding the construction of the villa and later became its chapel. This part of the basement was forged from of cinder, a kind of stone from local quarries. There is a place for wine aging in large oak barrels. Nearby, there is a recently built cellar from the 18th century with brick vaults. Stainless steel tanks with younger, fresher wines are stored here. On the other side, under the Villa, there are sixteenth century cellars - built at the same time as the villa and dedicated to special wines (including) reserves, which ages in 225l oak barrels. Under the house, there is also a spacious bottle basement. It was also built in the 16th century and can contain up to 80,000 bottles. This place is devoted to storing wine that requires longer aging.