Pio Cesare

In former cellars in the center of Alba, 5 generations have been producing Pio Cesare wines for 135 years. Pio Cesare winery was founded in 1881, and initially its creator was inspired to produce a small amount of wines from the Barolo and Barbaresco hills for himself, his family, friends and clients. Over the years, Cesare Pio has built a thriving company. The Cesare family owns about 70 hectares (173 acres) of vineyards in the highest rated regions of Piedmont. The location of these vineyards in different areas was determined by the desire to combine the different characteristics of each vineyard and region to produce wines that represent the styles of each appeal area as a whole. It was the classic method of producing Barolo, Barbaresco and other classic wines in the late nineteenth century and still remains the philosophy of the Cesare family. The ancient Cesare basements built at the end of the 18th century are surrounded by the ancient Roman walls of Pompeii, which date back to 50 BC. and are its main foundations, visible in every corner of the basement. The basements are on four different ground levels, the lowest is even lower than the Tanaro River. Grapes from various vineyards are obtained here. The process is followed by fermentation and aging of wines in oak barrels and bottles for a certain time, depending on the type.