Maycas del Limarí
Maycas del Limarí is a boutique winery focused on producing premium wines from the Limarí Valley. Marcelo Papa, starting his innovative project, began to explore the various valleys in Chile until he found the Limarí Valley, a place with unique characteristics, ideal for what he was looking for. The brightness, morning camanchaca (the mist), the cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean and the calcareous soils, rich in red clay allowed Marcelo to create a project that he called "Magic Valley". Noting the value of the Limarí Valley. Marcelo discovered that there is huge potential for the classic varieties of Burgundy grapes, resulting in wines of consistent quality, representing their origin. The attractiveness of the region and the system of terrace, cultivation of the Incas, gave Maycas del Limarí its unique character.