Pago Casa Gran

The history of Pago Casa Gran wine began at least 300 years ago. An ancient wine cellar from those times has been preserved in the Casa Benasal building. Manuela Galbis, the founder's mother, reactivated wine production at Pago Casa Gran in the 1960s. The entire production model is subject to strict ecological standards, recognized by European certification since 2006 and the highest level of ecological standards Delinat since 2009. The Swiss Delinat system ensures that Pago Casa Bensal is at the forefront of ecological wine production within a sustainable ecosystem and rejects all forms of "industrialized ecology" or other practices that take away biodiversity. The Casa Benasal label shows a layout representing a house. The letter B shows the facade of the building, the line above-its roof, and above all there is a cut water drop that allows us to see the wine in the bottle. The butterfly provides warmth to the composition. It was chosen to show the uniqueness of the wines, where the vines grow on a pesticide-free land. The butterfly is one of the first insects that disappear when using pesticides.