La Stoppa

La Stoppa is a property with vineyards stretching along the Trebbiola Valley in the province of Piacenza. Currently, the company owns 58 hectares, 28 hectares of a forest with a dominant oak, chestnut and carob tree, and 30 hectares of vineyards that have undergone a major metamorphosis over the years. More than a century ago, its previous owner, Ageno, planted mainly French vines, but in 1973 Stoppa was bought by the Pantaleoni family, which soon rationalized the plants and renovated the basement. Today the company is run by Elena Pantaleoni from Giulio Armani, whose goal is to producti organic wines certified by Ente Suolo e Salute. Naturally low yields, due to the medium age of the vine and fairly poor soil, allow to obtain unique wines. Today, several labels are produced at La Stoppa, some from native grapes, others from common varieties. However, it should be emphasized that La Stoppa produces authentic, peculiar wines, strongly associated with terroir.