Fattoria dei Barbi
The vineyards of Fattoria dei Barbi are located in Montalcino, Scansano and Chianti. From the fourteenth century, the Colombini family conducted agricultural activities in this area. Colombini are considered the absolute pioneers of winemaking history in this district. In 1817 they sold the first bottles of Brunello, and in 1936 they were the first to export wines, also as debutants they made Super Toskan - Brusco dei Barbi. In the 60s they also introduced organic production in vineyards as pioneers. The company's heritage is today continued by Stefano Cinelli Colombini, whose ingenuity and passion are internationally recognized. The secret of Columbini is respecting tradition and following the path marked by their ancestors. Through wine they want to show the history and culture of their region. At the same time, they do not give up on modern technologies while improving their wine.