Ktima Tselepos

In 2003, wine producer Giannis Tselepos, chasing his dreams of expanding his wine business, decided to buy another winery. After a long search, they chose a 50-year-old 8.5 hectare vineyard located in Nemea, 380 meters above sea level. Thanks to the guidelines and know-how of a specialized team, they managed to make all the necessary changes to produce wines of the highest standards, using the high aging potential of Agiorgitiko grapes. That is why the 4 hectare section was planted again with specially selected maples and the rest of the vineyard was preserved, but adapted to the new philosophy, so that it meets the high requirements of Tselepos Estate, such as low harvest (6 tons / hectare) or innovative vinification methods. Currently, in the Tselepos Estate there is a small but the most modern winery in the region.