Pierre Chavin

The "Pierre Chavin" wine house was founded by Fabien Gross and Mathilde Boulachin. Fabien Gross is a specialist in the production of good wines. He became passionate about viticulture and explored the scientific aspects of this work in oenological studies. In 2010, he founded Villa Noria, where he focused on the production of organic, environmentally friendly wines. He met Mathilde Boulachin, a marketing specialist there and together they founded the Pierre Chavin winery. At Pierre Chavin, three factors are of great importance in wine production: fashionable, organic and innovative. Each wine produced by Pierre Chavin meets at least one of these three criteria. The wine house focuses on the production of non-alcoholic wines. The Zero concept allows Pierre Chavin to become a significant producer of non-alcoholic wines in France and abroad.