Quinta da Alorna
In 1725, the Count D. Pedro de Almeida together with the Marquis of Alorna, built the monumental palace of Quinta da Alorna. Vineyards, orchards, olive and mulberry plantations were planted, beautiful gardens were designed. At that time, the palace was the place of important historical and cultural events that moulded Portugal. Unfortunately, the story was not kind to the Almeida family. Because of the financial difficulties in 1839 the palace and vineyards were sold. From 1918, one of the owners was the Lopo de Carvalho family and they took care of the development and renewed splendour of this place. The involvement of both owners and employees, who have lived in Quinta da Alorna for generations, allowed them to survive the difficult times of the revolution. Currently, Quinta da Alorna is managed by the fourth and fifth generation of the Lopo de Carvalho family. It is a company that proudly presents their tradition, history and its products.