The company's history began in 1773 when Philip Anton Allendorf bought several vineyards and started a small wine production. Unfortunately, Napoleon's policy at the time was not favourable to winemakers. In 1807 all property had to be divided into all successors. It wasn't until 1955 that Fritz Allendorf (aged 21) took over the vineyard. At that time, the area was only 1.5 ha. Together with his wife they have been expanding vineyards and at present it is one of the largest in Rheingau. Currently, Fritz Allendorf is led by Christine Schönleber and her brother Ulrich Allendorf representing the 27th generation of the family. Today, the vineyard covers 65 hectares of vineyards, mostly in the best places in Rheingau (between Hochheim and Assmannshausen) and the company is one of the 1000 best companies around the world.